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El poder de los Cielos

(The Ceilings' power)

Curator Mariagrazia Muscatello

"Even though it cannot be considered a distortion because of its aesthetic characteristics, in the series of photographs "Skies" there is a change of gaze that forces the public to question their acquired knowledge. Focusing her research only on architectural ceilings, heritage and historical buildings that the artist photographs from a zenithal perspective, reveal themselves under other coordinates and unveil their real and symbolic power. In this exercise of visual inversion, it is possible to appreciate another aspect of each place, which is at the same time present and hidden, and which remains somehow latent, in suspension". Mariagrazia Muscatello

2019 - Exhibitions
rom July 7 to September, 9  - Italian Culture Institute - Providencia - Santiago - Chile
From October 12 to December 12 - Museum of Modern Art (MAM) - Castro - Chiloé - Chile

2019 - Día del Patrimonio (Heritage Day) - Digital projection

Faculty of Architecture, Universidad Católica - Providencia - Santiago - Chile

2017 - Ceilings of Santiago
All the exhibition photos were previously published in the book Cielos de Santiago, dedicated to the series.
Co-author Rodrigo Guendelman, contributors Brügmann Restauradores. ConFin Edition

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