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Environment, science and philosophy


The “oneness of life and its environment”, signifies that life (a sentient being) and its environment (the surrounding) are not two, but one, contained in a single life-moment.
Cause and effect lead our life and generate emotions.
There is a strong bond between emotions and chemistry.
The artwork occupies, as a visual material, stellar and chemical spectra, and formulas, from the micro to the macro.
It gives a body to a non-tangible material such as light and uses it to describe life.
The strips made on pa
per form a harmonic column with a messy pebble.
The upper part symbolizes the dynamism of the universe, and the lower part the chaos provoked by humanity.

4 types of printed strips in vellum paper: 800 metres in total, their wide is 0,9cm and 2cm


Stellar spectrum of the sun. Due to its proximity to the Earth, the sun can be photographed in much greater detail than other stars, making it possible for its spectrum (light footprint of the stars) to be enlarged for the art installation.
The strip in vellum paper is 5cm wide and 250 metres long, divided into different le

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